What our Customers Are Saying

Ms. Betty called to say Nick was amazing! He was very helpful and so sweet, she wished she had extra money for a tip, but she gave lots of hugs instead.

Mitch called in to let management know that Alex was wonderful, he was also very well-mannered and professional. He said Alex was out in the dark till the job was completed. Mitch will be recommending Pop-A-Lock to his friends and will post his experience on Facebook for all to see.

Robert called to say Anthony did an excellent job. His level of expertise was great as well as great customer service skills.

“I just wanted to send an e-mail to say thank you for sending Anthony to me on Tuesday night around 10:30. I truly appreciate all that he did. Even after he unlocked my ca, I still couldn’t find my keys and he helped me search my vehicle. After an extensive search of my vehicle including the turnk we found my keys inside of the restaurant whee myself and my children were stranded. I wish that I had money in my wallet to give him for all his help. He was very friendly definitely reliable and courteous. He cared about my situation and wanted to help me fix it. Please make sure that you tell Anthony that my family and I am so grateful that he came to help us. God bless him. I will also make sure that I tell my friends about the Pop-A-Lock Service.” — Rosina Griffin

Mr. Simms called to say Davey was very helpful and knowledgeable. He had the vehicle opened within record time, so Mr. Simms was only outside for a couple of minutes. Mr. Simms also said Davey thanked him for his veteran services — and provided great customer service! He will be sure to keep Pop-A-Lock in his contacts for if he ever needs great service again.

Julian called to say Donny provided excellent service, he said the overall experience with Pop-A-Lock was wonderful.

Matt called in to give Richard an atta boy for the quick service he provided! Matt also said Richard was amazing and very polite and professional – he wants everyone to be aware of how awesome Richard is.

Elisse called to say the service was really great. She said Donald was very nice and called her when he was getting close. He actually arrived in only 20 minutes and he was very helpful. She has had service with Pop-A-Lock before and Donald was really great.

Brian called to say thank you to William, the locksmith who took care of his girlfriend when she lost the keys – he arrived quickly and made her key. He wants to make sure the manager knows William did an excellent job.

James called in to say Ben is a model employee for Pop-A-Lock. He said Ben did work for him before and it was a pleasure to see him again. He also said Ben is very professional and helpful.

Mr. Jerez called to say he is very satisfied with Pop-A-Lock, there was a problem after the locksmith went out to do a job for him, as soon as he reported the problem, the locksmith was out there to correct it. He said Tony was very professional and very polite, he said Tony kept him informed of his ETA and the procedures he was doing. Mr. Jerez also says that Tony represents Pop-A-Lock well and he is happy that we have someone to speak with him in Spanish as his English is not very clear.

Sandra called to say Tony was very informative and professional. She said he clearly explained all of her options and costs. She also said that when she called in to request a quote, she spoke to Tony and told him she would call when ready. When she called, she requested Tony, she has been using our company for a while and she is very pleased to see the same level of professionalism.

Ms. Pratt called to say Tony did a great job, she said he was very fast and she wished she had called Pop-A-Lock first!

Lois called to say Davey was very funny and nice, she much preferred Pop-A-Lock over other roadside companies-Lois G.Customer’s mother called to say Logan provided great service for her son. She said he was very prompt and courteous. She was worried about her son, but Logan called her to keep her updated on the status of the call – she is very thankful for that, she said it relieved her worries since she was unable to be there.

Sierra called to say William was very generous, he was very fast and funny. Sierra also said he provided great customer service

Customer called to say Davey was quick, prompt and very professional.

Mitch called to say Rodney was very fast and professional. He said Rodney did a great job and had a pleasant attitude.

April called to say Davey was awesome, he was quick and very professional.

Cruz called to say he loved the service Davey provided. He said Davey was very efficient and had great customer service skills, he arrived and was done in about 5 minutes. He also said he will refer Pop-A-Lock to all of his friends.

Logan was really nice, he even told some jokes and got the job done quickly, I am happy with the service that was provided.
Erica called to say Logan was very efficient, she was nervous and he put her at ease, he helped to get her door open and she is very grateful.

Meg called in to say Justin was fantastic, he was done in like 2 seconds. Great job!

Logan was very courteous and respectful, he was really quick and I am impressed with your services. Logan is a sweetheart.

Davey is very quick and professional. I did not have any change, so Davey took my money and got back very fast, he is very trustworthy and a really great guy!

Brian arrived and made her very comfortable, he is a very pleasant young man and did a great job. Even the dog liked him!!

“Hello Sirs/Madams: I just wanted to convey my compliment to Mr. Jarvise, for helping me install my front door lock. You need more people like him in your company. He was so polite, so patient, so humble, and very professional. Thank you so much guys for sending me Mr. Jarvise, another \”angel\” who helped me get through the day. God bless Pop-A-Lock!.God bless you all.”
—Marko B.

Mr. Goodman called to say Jarvise was extremely professional and proficient with the service he provided. He also said he would hire Jarvise in a New York minute without hesitation. Mr. Goodman said Jarvise is all business but very polite and customer oriented, he was very impressed with the way Jarvise represented Pop-A-Lock.

“I locked my keys in my car on the evening of 6-28-16 and called Pop-A-Lock to have my car door unlocked.The technician that arrived, to rescue me, was employee #13, Xavier. He communicated with me, almost immediately after my call, to keep me posted as to the time of his arrival. He then arrived a bit earlier than he had originally estimated.It was clear to me that he was committed to providing quick and efficient service and he absolutely met and exceeded that commitment.He was professional and informative and even gave me some helpful advice about avoiding a future lock-out.In a time when good employees are hard to find, this one is a “keeper”.I would and will recommend Pop-A-Lock to anyone who needs this sort of help, especially if a technician like #13, Xavier, is the one who comes to the rescue.”
—Patricia K.

“I was helped by a young man name William (interesting that we have the same name). I needed a key for my 2002 Toyota Corolla. When I was talking to the woman on the phone, I thought I heard her say 179.99. When William arrived I informed him I was paying with cash for the 179.99. He looked at me with confusion and said that he didn’t think it was that much. When he looked at the computer he said that the actual price was 129.99. He could have easily pocketed that extra money and none would be the wiser. Maintaining honesty is hard trait to come by with companies. I asked for service because my key only worked the driver side door and ignition. When he was done, they worked all of the locks and ignition! I asked him about my door handle that broke and William informed me that they do not do that service. Instead of leaving and going home (it was late), he stayed and walked me through finding the part online and ordering it. You have a wonderful employee and I will be referring you to anyone and everyone!”
—William H.

Ms. Williams called to say she really appreciates the way Xavier took the time to listen to her and explain the vehicle issues she was having. She said he went above and beyond with his kindness and the fact that he just listened to her was very helpful to her.

Gloria called to say Richard is an outstanding young man, excellent people skills and neat in appearance.

Barbara called to say she was very impressed with Richard, he was very professional, dressed nicely and had a great sense of humor. He is surely an asset to Pop-A-Lock.

Helen called to say Daniel did a great job and she is very happy with the great service that was provided to her.

“I would just like to compliment you guys on your excellent service and amazing employees. I had a situation last night that my car wouldn’t start just a little after 10. Your employee Anthony showed up just as advised an right on time. Very professional and friendly. You definitely need more Anthony’s. Again thank you for coming to my rescue!!!!”

“My work order number was 842482. Our tech was amazing. Professional, very helpful. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who needs help because of him. Employees like him are what makes a company great. Thank you so much for helping me get my children out of the car.”
—Review by Marie Hertrich-Bejarano, Team Lead, La Petite Academy

Hector R. from Kissimmee Fl. called to say he and his wife were locked out of their home late monday evening and called the Orlando office for assistance. The first tech arrived within 10 minutes and worked on the lock and explained he was not qualified for locksmith work and requested to call in someone better qualified. At that time locksmith Alexis R., who was just coming off of a double shift, explained to the customer that the type of lock that he had (deadbolt slave lock) is practically unable to be opened without breaking the lock. (the customer also admitted to never programming the keypad) the locksmith checked all windows and entry ways into the home with the customer to see if there could have been any other way into the home. Having cost more to break a window the technician continued to worked diligently into the early morning. Customer stated he was determined not to give up but in the end the lock had to be broken, which the owner knew would be the ultimate consequence. He worked close to 4 hours on this job to get the customer into their home.The homeowner was extremely impressed with the locksmiths determination, etiquette, diligence and care for their home. He called the corporate office to relay this information and wanted to relay his experience to the owner or manager of Pop-A-Lock. He was very impressed with the company’s training, knowledge and work ethic of the employees that are hired to work for his business and it reflected highly on future recommendations for our office. He wanted to give the locksmith more than was billed just for his hard work but Alexis refused and stated that he was just doing his job. Needless to say he was a happy customer even with the result of the lock having to be broken.

Customer called in to say that usually you would get calls about bad things but you don’t usually get calls saying how awesome someone is – but this guy Alex, is really awesome! He was professional, courteous and efficient. He was everything you would expect him to be. He is a great representative for Pop-A-Lock. If all of our guys were like him, we would be thriving so much. He was absolutely fantastic and he wants management to hear it from the source.

Customer is very happy with the service- said Dave waited for him- he was running a few minutes late – tech was very friendly and professional.

Mr. Cruz called to say he was very happy with the customer service from beginning to end. He said Steven did an outstanding job.

Dave did a great job and was very polite. I offered him a tip but he refused. He was the perfect technician to send for me!

“Benjamin was very quick, courteous and friendly, if I ever need service again – I would like Benjamin to be sent to me.”
—Debra St. Charles

“I received great customer service from Bryan. He arrived really quick and had him inside the vehicle in no time.”
—Eddie Pratt

“Jerry was super nice and did a great job, thank you for doing such a great job!”
—Julie Agarn

“Kanden was absolutely incredible – he was personable, efficient and very friendly.”
—Claire Bloom

“Kanden provided great customer service. She said he was very professional when making her key. I gave her a great referral regarding mechanical work that she needs to have done.”
—Dalphana Johnson
“Ben went above and beyond and did a good job on a complex order. I am very satisfied with the service that was provided.”
—Officer Peterson on March 20, 2015

“Robert arrived quickly to open the car for her child that was locked in. Thank you!”
—Terry on March 17, 2015

“Jerry did a great job! He was told the ETA would be 30 minutes, but Jerry arrived in like 5 minutes and had his child out of the vehicle in 45 seconds!”
—Mr. Ferreiraa on March 15, 2015

“Emmanuel was a very nice young man!”
—Al Curtis on March 11, 2015

“I just used Ford’s Roadside Assistance and it put Pop-A-Lock Orlando in charge of my changing my tire in Winter Park at Rollins College. I just wanted to tell whomever it concerns that the employee was fantastic! He was polite, efficient and provided outstanding customer service.”
—Natalie McMichen on February 18, 2015

“On January 31, 2015, Around 3:23pm , I was at Chuck E. Cheese’s 541 Florida 436, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714, parking lot. Accidentally, my door closed when I got out of the car, locked my 3 years old who was buckled on his car seat . After attempting to open all the other doors, including the trunk, I called 911. Thank god, the weather was nice and my car was on the shade. My son was cooperating all the time while I was distracting him.The fire department reached my location in mnts, amazing how quick. Thanks every single one, I was so nervous that I never asked for names , also 2 altamonte spring police officers, thank you both .The gentleman (employee 47) Pop-A-Lock / locksmith, contacted me, he was driving on 436, I’m very familiar with the area and I know how much is the traffic. He flew to my location, his effort n caring was amazing. He opened my car door in seconds. He was our hero, but In all the commotion never asked his name, I was so nervous, please apologize. I have no words to describe my gratitude. God blessed him.Something I never thought would happen to me, it happened. I locked my baby in the car with the keys.Thank you 911 operator, Altamonte Spring / Seminole Fire Department , the Altamonte spring police officers and Pop A Lock locksmith employee #47 for rescuing my baby out of the car.”
—Monica Rios on January 31, 2015

“Kenneth was very patient, very nice, and took his time doing a great job.”
—Karen Moscoso on January 23, 2015

“I just wanted to note that David (#41) did an amazing job today. My car’s battery had died and I needed assistance to get home. Luckily, he was close by and responded with poise and professionalism. He was able to jump my car and inform me about future risks. I feel very fortunate to have had him assist me. He was a blessing.”
—Sarah Kupkovits on January 21, 2015

“I wanted to share that David did an outstanding job fixing my tire. Such a kind and professional man!”
—Amie Nicole Kemp on January 21, 2015

“I was very happy with the customer service that Kanden provided. He was very nice.”
—Donna Dudely on January 21, 2015

“Tonight we had a problem with our dead bolt and we called your company Pop a Lock. A very nice young man by the name of Dave came to assist us. He was very prompt in getting to our home. He replaced our lock and made sure that there were no problems with closing the bolt. He had to drill and fix a few things with our door so it will close properly and he worked very diligently in getting it done correctly.My husband and I were very impressed with Dave’s work and how he wanted to make sure everything was in perfect condition before he left.I would recommend Dave and your company anytime. I asked Dave for some of your company’s business cards to give to my friends.Thank you for sending a person to our home that is and wants to be a first class employee and wants to give your customers first class service.”
—Leslie Vera on January 19, 2015

“Our technician Dave F. did a great job. I will definitely recommend Pop-A-Lock to my friends. Thank you!”
—Kathleen Moschella on January 9, 2015

“Just letting you know that I was pleased with the service rendered December 29, 2014, by Mr. Julius 26, work order no. 736457. He is polite and knowledgeable and very quickly solved the problem. I will also let the ‘Volvo- On- Call’ know of your good service. Happy New Year!”
—J.M. Davito on December 29, 2014

John Hahn stated that Manual Bruno was very helpful in assisting him with a lockpick on an upside down lock at his residence. He said the technician did a superb job in a difficult situation, he went above and beyond to assist him. Mr. Hahn wants management to know how pleased he is with the service and he will contact us in the future for all of his locksmith and roadside service requests.

“I would like to say thanks pop a lock I called and you were their fast. Ben was great saved me twice in 5 min flat got my car open and gave me some change for the parking meter (I didn’t have a dime and was embarrassed to ask) Ben wasn’t willing to let me get a parking ticket. Talk about above and beyond. Thanks Ben. Thank you, T. Van Aken”
—T. Van Aken. on April 15, 2014
“We are a church preschool and when a grandmother locked her toddler grandson in the car (actually the child pushed a button!) she was frantic. Thank you Pop-A-Lock (Mike) for responding and treating them so graciously! While other parents were standing around yelling out options we had confidence that calling you was our best choice!”
—Janet E. on February 18, 2014

“I wanted to let you all know the stellar service I received from my technician that came out on 7/31/2012 to jump start my vehicle. He was knowledgeable and was able to get my car back up and running in no time. He arrive early and was polite and professional. I’ve used other companies before and none have provided such a high level of service. This was for employee number 23, rec 830. Keep up the good work!”
—Donovan C. on July 31, 2012

“This morning I locked my keys in my car and my insurance company sent Pop-A-Lock to unlock my car. The man who unlocked my car for me was very courteous and friendly even though he had to work in the pouring rain. After he got my car open he walked back to the covered area of the bank where I was standing and walked me to my car holding an umbrella over me. I was very impressed by that gesture which I felt was above and beyond what he was expected to do. If I ever need assistance with a lock issue again I will certainly call on your company and will refer you to my friends, family and colleagues.”
—Lori A. on June 6, 2012

“I was totally and completely satisfied with my Pop-a-lock service at Orlando International Airport when my car in the North Park Lot would not start. Jose was most courteous, skillful and helpful and quickly got me on my way home to Daytona Beach Shores. Thank you for the swift and courteous service.”
—Jennie C. on March 6, 2012

“I was very pleased with Jose and the service he provided. He was quick — got there before ETA, polite and did excellent job. Great job!”
—Leatha F. on January 26, 2012

“This is the 2nd time we have had Josh do service for us, and every time has been wonderful. He is very polite!! And very efficient…we made Cross Country aware of this, too, when they called us back. Great job, Joshua Wallace.”
—John D. on November 26, 2011

“I was very happy with Josh…He was very nice when I told him that I got my car started when he arrived…He was very professional about it and even helped me fix my battery. I was really happy with Joshua Wallace.”
—Radoica C. on October 27, 2011

“I just wanted to thank Mike # 11 for unlocking my Volvo this morning. He arrived quickly and got into my car even faster. He was also very nice. When unlocking my doors from the inside didn’t work, he fished out my keys and I had access to my car in no time. He saved me a lot of time and stress. Thank you all so much and I will definitely use your service again.”
—Ricketta Z. on October 13, 2011

“I just wanted to compliment the technician, Richard. I was very pleased with the service I received. The technician did really great!!”
—Nydia R. on September 27, 2011

“The tech did an outstanding job and I would recommend him to anyone needing service. Extremely quick and professional.”
—Hanh D. on September 23, 2011

“I was at UCF taking a test when I had finished and was ready to go back to Brooksville, a mere 94 miles away, I felt something odd with my tire and realized to my horror that it was flat! Todd was helpful, courteous and extremely kind. I am thankful and happy with the work he did. Thanks again!”
—Jean L. on September 20, 2011

“Tech arrived quickly, very friendly and was able to answer all questions.”
—Elizabeth W. on August 28, 2011

“I would like to sincerely thank your team member for the help he gave us on the evening of August 6th. We had a vehicle hired from Alamo which failed on the car park of Publix just off International Drive Kissimmee. I didn’t get the name of the guy but he was very helpful contacting numerous call centers to get us on the road again. Please pass on our thanks to him.”
—Keith B. on August 21, 2011

“Popalock was polite, efficient and quick. I will gladly use you from now on and will also refer you to others. I was very pleased with everything this morning.”
—David S. on August 23, 2011

“I had wonderful service and Dylan came out and did a great job. He deserves an A+.”
—Reviewed by Robert E. on August 19, 2011
“It’s been a long time since I’ve locked the keys in my car, but last time it happened I had the same gut response — call my friends over at Pop-A-Lock. I love your company name, and actually use you as a locksmith for my business too. I just thought it was funny that when the incident happened I first got mad at myself, but then laughed and knew to call you. I had to write because you guys do such a great job.”—Benny P. on August 2, 2008

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