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Between remote key fobs and push start keys, it’s an understatement to say that car key replacement has changed in the past twenty years. The improved technology doesn’t mean that your dealer is the only one who can replace your keys. An experienced auto locksmith with the right equipment can duplicate or replace your car keys for a lot less money and hassle. 

Pop-A-Lock Orlando can save you 50% or more on car key replacement for two simple reasons: roadside service and fair prices. If you can’t get into your car, the dealer will have it towed back to the dealership before working on it — easily $100 right there. Then you’ll be charged for a new key blank, cutting, and any special programming required for your key. Each step comes with a substantial markup, so losing your keys could turn out to be an expensive mistake.

If you don’t like that scenario, Pop-A-Lock Orlando can offer you an alternative. We’re a fully certified and insured auto locksmith in Orlando that provides 24/7 roadside service for car key replacement and duplication. Our estimates are accurate and our rates are some of the lowest in Orlando. We come out to your car, generate you a new key, and program it immediately.

Pop-A-Lock Orlando offers car key duplication services for all foreign and domestic cars, motorcycles, trailers, and trucks. We have the equipment and training to replace even special keys on the spot, including:

  • Remote key fobs
  • Laser cut keys
  • High security key
  • Transponder chip keys
  • Push start keys

Get a free quote with no hidden fees today, or call us to schedule your roadside car key replacement. Our uniformed and certified locksmiths carry all the machinery they need to make you a new car key, no tow needed. Pop-A-Lock Orlando is your affordable car key replacement expert!

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