PAL Saves Kids

Emergency Door Unlock (EDU)

Kimberly P. of Orlando, FL was putting groceries into her car when a gust of wind closed the car door. Her keys were inside — as was her 8 month old son. It was a hot, sunny day, and she knew she needed help fast. She called 911, and first responders dispatched Pop-A-Lock. A uniformed Pop-A-Lock locksmith pulled up in a marked car within ten minutes and unlocked the car door within two. Within a total of twelve minutes, both the baby and the car keys were safely back in Kimberly’s hands. Disaster averted.

If you have an emergency lockout situation, call 911 first. Then call us. We’ll be there in minutes.

Since Pop-A-Lock first went into business, we’ve been offering FREE 24/7 emergency locksmith services to the communities we serve. In those, years, our Emergency Door Unlock program has saved over 10,000 people whose lives were in danger. When we get an emergency call, the nearest Pop-A-Lock locksmith drops whatever he’s doing and rushes over to you. Even if we’re in the middle of another job, your emergency is our first priority. Our proprietary tools and extensive training ensure that we can open your lock quickly and safely.

The rising temperatures in a closed car can kill, especially in Orlando’s year-round heat, but home and other lockout situations can be equally dangerous. From the many families we’ve helped, we know it is all too easy to accidentally lock a child in. Pop-A-Lock Orlando is your 24/7 emergency locksmith. Our EDU program is free because we strongly believe our community is safer, healthier, and happier when everyone has access to this service.

Put our number into your phone just in case. It could end up being the most important one you carry.

Our expert locksmiths are available for 24/7 service.