Master Key Systems


Pop-A-Lock Orlando offers 24/7 business security solutions, including installing master key systems, panic bars, door closers, and more. Learn more about each type of service here and get a free, accurate quote by calling us now.

Need a Master Key System?

With master keying, locks within your facility can have different levels of access. Master keys will open multiple (or all) locks; change keys will only open one specific lock. In this way, managers, janitors, and other people who need access to the whole building or set of locks can carry just one key around — no need for a jangling, bulky key ring. However, not all master key locks are equal. If poorly engineered, a master key system can end up compromising the security of your building. Pop-A-Lock Orlando has been engineering and installing master key systems for years. We use our extensive knowledge of different master key lock designs and systems to install one that strikes the right balance between access and security. Call us to learn more about designing your perfect master key system.

Panic Bar and Door Closer Installs

Security doesn’t stop with the right lock. Panic bars and door closers protect your business in other ways. Also known as ‘crash bars,’ panic bars are required by building codes on fire and emergency exits. Pop-A-Lock installs a variety of different panic bars with alarm and delay options to give you time to respond to any security issues or non-emergency exits. We can also service panic bars and install door handles to make them into two-way doors.

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