Bump Proof Locks


Bumping a lock is so simple that even a child can learn how to do it. All it takes is a special bump key (easily modified from a blank or bought online), and a sharp rap (or ‘bump’), and the majority of house locks in America will open. Because the lock will not show any signs of being forced, your insurance may not even cover anything that has been stolen from your house.

Sound like bad news? It is. Locksmiths have used bump keys for many years to help with home lockouts and other situations, but thieves use them for just one purpose: to gain unauthorized access to your property. Fortunately, since bump keys hit the headlines in 2003, all the major lock manufacturers have produced new lines of locks that are either bump resistant or bump proof.

As experienced locksmiths who have been on both sides of a bump proof lock, we can assure you these locks offer true resistance to bumping. Different makers produce locks that resist bump keys in different ways, using features like traps and shallow drilling. If you’re interested in installing a bump proof lock, we’ll start by examining your current locks for vulnerability. Then we’ll tell you about your options for bump proof locks and install one that fits your needs and budget. In some cases, we can even perform a special rekey that offers you resistance to bump keys without the need for a full lock change.

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