High Security Locks

ORLANDO HIGH SECURITY LOCKS Sometimes your average hardware store lock just isn’t enough. Whether you’re worried about bump keys or just want to make sure that your business, family, or property stays secure, a high security lock is a better choice than a regular lock. But with so many brands claiming to be high security, choosing the right high security lock can be a challenge. You can start by making sure you install a lock from a reputable high security lock manufacturer. Bilock, Mul-T, Medeco, ASSA, and Schlage locks are all well-known brands that have a reputation for being hard to crack. Your high security lock should also feature multiple design elements to thwart unauthorized access, including:

  • Resistance to picking. Common features to prevent lock-picking include security pins, patented unique lock mechanisms, key traps, and more.
  • Resistance to force. Extra strong materials like hardened steel and thicker bolts make your lock less susceptible to direct, destructive force.
  • Keyway restrictions. The more complex the keyway, the less likely an unauthorized key will be able to fit into the lock and open it.
  • Key duplication restrictions. Most high security lock keys have to be reordered from the manufacturer. Some require special machines or a security card before they can be cut. Lock makers make key duplication difficult in order to restrict access.

How secure are high security locks? They’re not completely impossible to crack if someone is really determined to get in, but getting them open is difficult, time-consuming, and likely to attract attention. Thieves and burglars are opportunity-seekers; high security locks offer too much resistance to be good targets.

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