Keyless Entry Remote for Cars


Keyless entry systems were first introduced by American Motors in the early 80s. They made it possible to lock or unlock doors remotely, and in some cases, even start the ignition remotely. However, it didn’t take drivers long to discover that having a keyless entry remote didn’t actually make it harder to lock yourself out, or to lose both key fob and remote key at the same time. But before you go to your dealer for a replacement key fob, you should know that dealer profit margins on remote key fobs are 250-300% — and that’s not even counting the cost of a tow if you can’t get into your car.

Don’t want to be ripped off? Pop-A-Lock Orlando can save you valuable money and time. Our highly trained auto locksmiths can come out to you within minutes of your call and repair or program a new remote key fob on the spot. We can also take care of many other lock issues while we’re there, from being locked out to losing your keys. We’re here for you 24/7.

Replacing a key fob shouldn’t be an expensive hassle. An affordable and fully programmed keyless remote is just a call away. Get a free, upfront quote to see how much Pop-A-Lock can save you today.

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